Massachusetts Summer Concert Venues

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nickelbackAs the summer continues to roll on we thought we would highlight the open air concert venues in Massachusetts. The Cambridge/Boston area is home to many concert venues including the newly renamed TD Garden and even Fenway Park but only a few venues provide that open air concert experience that can only be enjoyed in the good weather. The Comcast Center in Mansfield and the Bank of America Pavilion are the 2 that come to mind.

I really did not have going to a concert on the radar screen until my sister told me about her experience this past weekend at the Comcast Center Nickelback concert.

For those of you who may not be familiar with the Comcast Center you may remember it by it’s earlier names.  It was formerly known as the Tweeter Center and Great Woods.  I know a few of the older ones may be nodding their heads like I was.  I asked my sister what she thought about both the concert and the venue and this is the review she gave me for the Nickelback with Hinder, Papa Roach, and Saving Abel Concert that took place on Friday July 24th in Mansfield.

What did you think about the Comcast Center?

It was my first time at the Comcast Center and my first “Rock” concert. Our seats (Section 14, Row F) were good seats, out in the open and luckily we had great weather that evening.  Chairs were comfortable and there was enough room that we could stand and “Party like a Rock Star” without toppling over.  The crowd was full of energy and were of all ages.  The ride over was ok, once we got closer to the Comcast Center there was plenty of police and people that facilitated the parking.

What did you think about the Opening Acts?

Hinder – There was nothing that I didn’t like about Hinder, they sang all the songs that I was waiting to hear, and they engaged with the crowd.  The front man Austin Winkler was on, and pretty energetic.
Papa Roach – Being that this was my first Rock Concert and pretty new to “todays” Rock, I did not know this band, but liked their material/songs, and recognized a few from the radio.  I will be looking out for more of their songs to familiarize myself with them.

Saving Abel – We did not see this band, because we were doing what most people do in the parking.  Hanging out. (getting the full sense of the experience. lol)


I thought that the group sang and played very well.  I thought that the Front man Chad Kroeger was funny and had the crowd engaged between songs. They sang a variety of their songs.  Although the two songs that I was looking forward to hearing was not in their list for the night. They did go back and play some country song that most people knew.  One of the most interesting parts of the concert was the lighting and the fire works.  (I don’t know if everyone thought that their light show was cool, but I really got a kick from that).

She closed out by saying she would definitely go back to the Comcast Center.

I looked at the schedule and Coldplay and Bruce Springstein definitely jumped out at me.  Here is the rest of the summer schedule.  The Comcast Center is less than an hour away from Cambridge and Worcester.

The Bank Of America Pavillion also has a great rest of summer schedule.  Pat Benetar and Tori Amos jumped out at me.  The Bank of America Pavillion is across the river in Boston.

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