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The Cambridge Science Festival is back this year with even more ways to showcase Cambridge’s leadership in science, technology, engineering and math.  Last year my family and I had a great time both touring Alewife and visiting Harvard’s Natural History Museum.  Last year I was not ready for the festival so this year I am planning ahead to get the most out of the more that 80 events taking place over the course of 9 days.

The Cambridge Science Festival is presented by The MIT Museum but events are taking place at other venues in and outside of Cambridge.  The Museum of Science hosts a few events as does Harvard and Lesley.  The Central Square Theater’s play on evolution is also part of the events.  Though many of the events are free some are not so be sure to check the 2010 event schedule.

The official kickoff to the event is the free Science Carnival that takes place at the Cambridge Public Library from noon to 4pm on Saturday the 24th.  Many of the events seem to be focused on families so even though April vacation is the week before the event kickoff it does start the weekend before the kids go back to school.  That allows more people to participate as some come back from vacation trips.  On the Cambridge Science Festival website you can search for events based on age range so whether you are an adult or a teen there are plenty of events to participate in.

Though the Alewife Brook Reservation tour doesn’t seem to be on the list(probably because of the floods) you will have plenty of chances to visit Harvard’s Natural History Museum.  My kids loved the dinosaur skeletons and the variety of colorful minerals that fascinated them.  Here is the 2010 Schedule.


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