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Officially the 2011  Cambridge Science Festival starts on Saturday but there is on pre-festival taking place Friday night.  Big Ideas for Busy People will kick things off with 10 minute talks on topics ranging anywhere from the origins of life to the search for habitable worlds.  The annual festival can be seen both as a showcase for Cambridge’s offerings in the area of science but also as a big publicity and pr event for science over all.

As the United States appears to struggle with competing in emerging areas of science at least on the business end.  It is more and more important to focus on getting future scientists on track in the areas like Solar and Green technologies.  There are a couple of events in this area but hopefully more of those will be developed for next year.  Also of note is the Inspiring Minds:  Meet Women in Science on Saturday at the Museum of Science.  Now more than ever it is important to get more women involved in science.  Being able to talk with women with satisfying careers in science and engineering is a great way to see that as a possibility for women seeking out guidance for a career in science.

Though the importance of the science and engineering fields is really important to the US it also must be noted that Science is Fun!  You get to see and experience that at one of the main events of the Cambridge Science Festival appropriately named the Science Carnival.  The carnival takes place in front of the Cambridge Public Library on Saturday May 7th and is even more fun for parents is that this event is free.

The Cambridge Science Festival takes place over 9 days (April 30th to May 8th) so there is definitely something for everyone on the schedule but you do need to plan.  Though MIT is the main sponsor events take place around Cambridge and the Museum of Science.  The link to this year’s schedule will allow you search by age and even event type.

To give a feel for what some of the events are like I have included 2 videos of the opening ceremony and last year’s Science Carnival.  They can also be found on the EdgeContest Channel on youtube which has other related videos.

Opening Ceremony Light Show

Science Carnival Highlights

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