Cambridge 2009 Halloween Planning Guide

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trickortreatersHalloween is around the corner.  Are you ready?  In the United States Halloween is a very popular holiday which is primarily not associated with any religion.  Based on an old Celtic festival called Samhain which basically seems like a celebration symbolizing the end of “summer” and the beginning of the darker seasons of fall and winter.

In our home we have young kids and that means that Halloween is very popular.  What kid doesn’t want to get dressed up and collect free candy?  Many adults also get into the holiday because it is an excuse to throw a good party and dress up in cool costumes.  This year Halloween falls on a Saturday which means there will be more partying across the board.

We have put together a Halloween Planning Guide for those of us who plan to take part in the Halloween festivities.  This will be a multi-part post because we want to try to cover as much as we can:

If you try to think about the main areas you need to plan assuming you are also going to be throwing a party you need to cover a lot of ground.

The first area is costumes.  Are you going to buy costumes?  Are you going to make them?  The choices are many especially if you are dressing up your kids.  Costumes can be pretty expensive so if money is tight you need to set a budget that you will stick to.  I will also add a video that I found that discusses costumes you can make at home.

For the kids your choices are really based on them.  What are they interested in?  How old are they?  For the younger kids the choices are usually much easier since the stores stock a variety of popular costumes.  For girls Hannah Montana, Wizards of Waverly Place and Disney Princesses are popular depending on age.  It is always best to ask.  Sometimes taking the child with you can be a nightmare as they can’t make up their minds.  For boys superheroes including Transformers, Iron Man, GI Joe and Star Wars related costumes are still popular this year.  My children are going as Optimus Prime and a generic Girl Rockstar.  Popular adult costumes range from Michael Jackson to over the top sexy costumes.  The traditional vampires, clowns, witches and wizards still are good choices too.

Buying costumes on line has become a popular option for many.  I have found 2 popular sites where they offer a broad range of costumes.  Halloween costumes can range from as low as 15$ to into the $100 range.  Spirit Halloween also has some physical stores that can be found in malls like the Arsenal Mall in Watertown. They currently are offering a discount coupon.

Some Halloween Costume stores in the Cambridge area to consider are:

As promised you can also make your own costume.  An NECN contributor from FrugalYankee offered her ideas that also emphasize how it can be not only cheaper to make your own costume but it can be a great family activity too.

Next Up Planning Your Halloween Party.

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