Cambridge Farmers Markets a Fresh Summer Treat

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farmersmarketOne of the pleasures of summer is the abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables.  The Cambridge area has a variety of locations in Cambridge and around it that take place 7 days of the week and some even continue through November.

People all over the world are getting back to basics and buying local fresh foods is a part of that.  Local foods are fresher and that usually means better taste.  I know I have been surprised at how much better fresh well grown tomatoes taste.  My older neighbor used to give us tomatoes and cucumbers that he had grown in his backyard and I have to say I was blown away.

Since I haven’t yet grown a green thumb or had the time to do my own gardening it is great to know that I can pop over to any of the Cambridge Area Farmers Markets and get my fix of fresh fruits and vegetables.  Buying from local farmers also helps keep them in business.

I have identified 7 in the Cambridge area including Somerville.  You can probably find even more in Belmont, Arlington and Watertown.  I may update the list for that in the future.

For now here are the ones I found:

  • Kendall Square
  • Central Square
  • Harvard University
  • Charles Square
  • Cambridgeport
  • Davis Square
  • Union Square

The days, times and more specific location information is highlighted by clicking on the markers in the map below.  Please let me know if you know of more or if the map and information needs changing.

If you can’t see the map above please click on the link below.

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