Halloween Party Planning Ideas 2009

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halloweenpartyPlanning your Halloween Party takes some time and creativity.  In Part 2 of our Cambridge Halloween Planning Guide we will look at ideas for planning a Halloween Party. As mentioned before the timing of Halloween in 2009 opens up your partying options. You can plan a kids party, an adult party or even both if you are really into Halloween.  So what’s involved?

Decorating Your House for Halloween

Something that we haven’t covered yet is decorating your house.  Most people make some sort of attempt to decorate the outside of their house for Halloween since everyone expects Trick or Treaters (think Ghosts, Witches and Pumpkins).  If you are planning a party the bar is a bit higher since you also have to include the inside.  You also need to make sure your outside decorations are top notch.  Before you head out to the store or online stores think about what you want to convey.  Are you looking to scare people with some sort of Haunted House feel or are you looking more for a Rated G experience?

Both the online and physical stores in the Cambridge area mentioned in Part 1 also sell Halloween decorations.  For more ideas you could also look at CelebrateExpress below.  They have theme decorations and party supplies like Pirates or Harry Potter just to name a couple.  Along those lines themed parties are a great idea since you can create activities around them.  A True Blood theme party could include watching the show, dressing as characters…



Halloween Party Games and Recipes

Once you have your house decorations planned and your party supplies bought you need to consider adding more Halloween touches.  Will you include traditional Halloween games like bobbing for apples or will you make up your own?  If you Google Halloween games you will find many choices but you need to make sure you consider kids versus adult games since there are many options for both and depend on who’s coming to your party.

If you really want to gross people out many websites have Halloween recipes.  Again you can Google that for plenty of options.  Here are 3 Halloween Recipe sites to get you started:

Disney Family.com

The Food Network

Better Homes & Gardens

In the last part of our 2009 Cambridge Halloween Guide we will be looking at Halloween Events and Activities in the Cambridge area.

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